3ml Clear Glass Attar Bottle With Golden Gem Cap

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There is no doubt that it is an anise essential oil bottle, its capacity is 3ml, it is composed of rolling balls, colored gemstone cap, and transparent glass bottle body. We have a lot of stock for this product because it sells really well! Its bottle supports any ideas and designs you have!

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Model NO.:K-29 Body Material: Glass

Product Details

Key Specifications/Special Features 

Model number  K-29
product type  perfume bottle
texture of material Glass
Colors customized
Packaging level Seperate packing packaging
Place of Origin Jiangsu, China
Brand HongYuan
product type Cosmetic bottles
texture of material Glass
Related accessories Aluminum
Processing and customization yes
Capacity 3ml
Is cross border export exclusive for supply yes
20ft GP container 16,000 pieces
40ft GP container 50.000 pieces

Product Applications

Let's take the concentration of essential oils as an example:

For example, the common lavender essential oil can promote sleep, relieve anxiety and stress, calm and calm the heart, and is one of the few mild essential oils that can be used directly on the skin.

In this way, lavender essential oil should be a very safe essential oil, but some people have tried to apply a large amount of lavender essential oil in a short period of time and caused symptoms such as palpitations and palpitation.

Its original intention is to use lavender essential oil to calm emotions and relieve stress and tension, but it is dangerous because of incorrect use.

Similar to clary sage essential oil, this essential oil does have the effect of relaxation, well-being and happiness in terms of emotions.

At the same time, it also has the ability to calm and soothe, but because its calming effect is too strong, it is clearly prescribed to use the concentration below 1%, otherwise it may cause headache, nausea and other symptoms.

If you encounter alcohol again, this essential oil that brings joyful emotions can bring terrible nightmares at night.

Summary of safe dosages of essential oils:

The lower the dosage of essential oils, the better the effect. Usually, the concentration of facial oil is 1-2%, and the concentration of body oil is 2-3%. For home use, no more than 8 drops of essential oils should be used in a bathtub, and no more than 8 drops in a basin. more than 3 drops.

Inhaling too strong an essential oil can cause dizziness or headaches and nausea. 1ml of essential oil has about 20 drops, so 5ml of base oil plus 1 drop of essential oil is 1% concentration.

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