Making method of perfume bottle

Background technology:
The perfume bottle is a vessel used for placing liquid fragrances such as perfume; With the rapid development of social economy, the increase of enterprises and the prosperity of urban construction, the air quality has decreased. On the other hand, people’s living standards have also been greatly improved, and they are also pursuing a higher quality of life. In addition, people use the liquid fragrance inside the perfume bottle containing perfume to disperse fragrance and change the air quality. It is used in many occasions, such as families, hotels, restaurants, cars and decorations.
As a high-end commodity, people are very picky about perfume, which not only requires perfume to have excellent quality and unique fragrance, but also requires exquisite and high-grade bottles containing perfume; Because most perfume bottles are made of glass, crystal or marble, they are usually packed with a box for transportation safety; With the continuous pursuit of high-end daily necessities and personalized commodities, the packaging of perfume bottles is also particularly important.
The traditional perfume packaging box is generally a sealed square box with a single structure, and the perfume bottle in the box cannot be viewed. It needs to open the box cover to show it to people; Moreover, the perfume usually displayed on the counters of shopping malls is either the perfume bottle lying in the box, or the perfume bottle is directly taken out of the packaging box and put on the counter for display. In this way, the perfume bottle is easy to fall to the ground and break, and the perfume bottle is also damaged when it is used in life.
In addition, for perfume bottles, it is a big problem that they cannot be reused. Moreover, perfume bottles generally require refinement and high-grade, and their cost price is high. Users discard the bottle body after using the liquid fragrance inside the perfume bottle, resulting in a waste of resources. Moreover, the cost of the perfume bottle mostly lies in the cost price of the nozzle. If we can produce a perfume bottle whose nozzle and bottle body can be disassembled and separated, The lower bottle body can be sealed with tin foil, so that the liquid aromatic agent inside the bottle body can be replaced with a new bottle body after use, which can reduce the cost and bring economic benefits to consumers.
Therefore, the utility model provides a perfume bottle to solve the above problems.

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Post time: Jun-22-2022