Take you to understand the secret of why women love to collect perfume bottles

Women’s favorite perfume, the design of the perfume bottle is also loved by the majority of women. The used perfume bottle is reluctant to throw away and put away.

I am sure many ladies do this because the bottle is so pretty. The perfume bottles you see are basically narrow mouths. The design of this perfume bottle actually makes sense.

Let me walk you through the secrets of perfume bottles:

screw perfume bottle

The design of the perfume bottle generally includes these characteristics:

The first point is practicality:

because the perfume is volatile, the mouth of the perfume bottle will be smaller, which can make the smell of the perfume last longer,

and it is easier to control the dose when poured out and used. avoid wasting.

The second point is portability:

Perfume is a portable item.Considering the fashion of perfume itself, the packaging of perfume should not only be small and convenient,

but also exquisite and beautiful as a fashion accessory. An ordinary perfume bottle has a capacity of 50ML.

screw perfume bottle

The third point is the convenience of operation:

the design of the air outlet of the perfume container should allow people to judge how to operate it when it is used for the first time, whether to press or rotate.

Now there are generally a variety of methods such as lifting cover type, nozzle type, air bag extrusion type, and dumping type.

The fourth and most important point is to catch the eye:

to innovate the shape and packaging of perfume in combination with environmental protection, color, humanities, history and culture, and make it a work of art.

screw perfume bottle


Post time: Aug-02-2022