The secret of taking you into the perfume bottle

Women’s favorite perfume, perfume bottle design is also loved by the majority of women, perfume bottles can not be used to throw away the collection, I believe many women do this, because the bottle is really beautiful. The perfume bottles you see are basically narrow bottles. The shape design of this perfume bottle is actually reasonable. Let me take you to the secret about perfume bottles.
100ml perfume bottle

The design of perfume bottles generally includes these characteristics: the first point is practicality: as perfume is volatile, perfume bottles will be smaller, so that the perfume can be kept more durable, and when it is poured out, it is easier to control the dosage and avoid wave fees. The second point is portability: perfume is a carry on item, and as its own fashion character, perfume packaging is not only small and convenient, but also needs exquisite and beautiful as fashion accessories. The common perfume bottle volume is about 50ML. The third point is ease of operation: the export design of perfume containers should enable people to determine how to operate, whether to press or rotate at the first time. At present, there are generally many ways, such as lifting cover type, nozzle type, air bag extrusion type, dumping type and so on. The common ones are nozzle type, and considering the particularity, the air bag type is also very popular in recent years. The fourth and most important point is to catch the eyeball: combining the environmental protection, color, humanities, history and culture, and other aspects, innovating the design and packaging of perfume, making it a kind of art.

A successful perfume, its design and packaging must be durable and attractive at first sight, similar to what we call visual sense, giving consumers the feeling of love at first sight, activating their latent desire and stimulating purchasing power. The designer pursues a style that has no time limit. It combines simplicity with decoration, convenience and attraction. Perfume bottles make perfume have spiritual and fresh life, and can be caught in the vastness of the perfume sea.

sprayer perfume bottle

The design works of Hongyuan glass designer are very popular with customers. The design of common perfume bottles is no more than four advantages: 1. The color brightens people’s eyes, 2 The bottle has a unique shape, 3 Bottle texture is better than others, 4 The bottle body is decorated with high-quality details. Many classic perfume, because of its admirers, will launch a limited edition in some special festivals, seal and carve some personalized patterns on the original package, or cooperate with tide cards to launch limited edition or cooperative customized version. Our perfume customers should attach great importance to the design of the bottle, and a good leather bag is the key to victory. The design sense and product quality of Hongyuan glass are the reasons why customers choose us.

Post time: Apr-12-2022