Those poetic and beautiful perfume copywriting are amazing perfume copywriting

Perfume can be said to be a necessary item for most girls to go out. Perfume has also come up with a lot of good advertising copy for girls’ love of beauty. The following small series has sorted out those poetic perfume copybooks for you. Let’s take a look at those poetic perfume copybooks!

1. Hermes earth: harmless love at first sight for humans and animals, and the fatal attraction of being inseparable.
2. His majesty Ludan’s Rose: soak Rouge in the rain and drink tea under the flowers. It’s gentle like water and prosperous.
3. Jo Malone Blue Wind Chime: lotus leaf field, bluestone falling rain, leisure in midsummer.
4. Lalique Encore ink love: curling smoke marks and light blue ink.
5. Chanel Chanel; I smelled you on the street and was stunned for a few seconds. My nose was a little sour. Similar people are suitable for romance and snow together, and complementary talents are suitable for growing old together.
6. Creed Napoleon’s water: he galloped on the battlefield and fought the world, but he gossiped with you and fell in love with you.
7. Jo Malone blackberry and laurel leaf: under the moon, the fragrance is charming, and the long clouds walk all over, but they don’t understand your eyebrows in the end.
8. Keiko mecheri peach texture: swinging, daydreaming, girls like emotion.
9. Guerlain Sydney smoothie: the spring breeze is drunk, the water is full of water, and the warbler cries and ripples are difficult to sleep.
10. Creed craid: silver mountain spring is crazy, inhuman and corrupt in this century, but you have always been sober, gentle and spotless.
11. Davidoff Davidoff: cold water is like drinking water.
12. Diptyque tiputik: sandalwood, you are a pilgrim in the world of mortals. He is a monk who often accompanies the ancient Buddha with green lanterns. His drooping eyebrows and eyes are like mountains, and a smile on his lips is like peach blossoms in March. You can’t move your eyes anymore.
13. Etat Libre d’orange liberates Orange County: when you are like you, there are only you in the world. After you leave, there are only people like you in the world.
14. Givenchy Givenchy: no taboo, no taboo, having sex alone.
15. Re fragrance room 16 years old: the sunset dyed her cheeks, and the girl messed up the midsummer.

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Post time: May-12-2022