What is the raw material used for making perfume bottles?You need to know more about perfume.

What is the raw material used for making perfume   bottles?

The earliest raw material used for making perfume bottles is gypsum. Long ago, people used plaster to make perfume bottles, which can better preserve perfume and avoid perfume. So in the era without glass, gypsum is used.100MLperfume bottle

How to use perfume correctly

1. before spraying, first rub some lotion on the arm to make the skin moist. Because the skin is dry in general, perfume sprays up easily.
2. spray perfume at a distance of about 20 cm from the artery, so that the fragrance will be very durable.
3., it can also be sprayed on the wrist and ears. It is a good choice to ensure that the perfume volatilization is slow.

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How to grasp the distance of perfume?

Perfume needs to be sprayed evenly before it will cause too much volatilization, so it needs to maintain a certain distance when spraying, but not too far from the distance. The area near the spray will be too small, resulting in waste. The best distance between the 1.5 palms is that the range of spraying is the most suitable and uniform.

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The best part of perfume spray

Wrist and ear are definitely the best answers, but the wrist is the most volatile, because the wrist is the most important part of the body movement. The smell of perfume will disperse with the action of the hand, so the volatilization is very fast. And this part is close to the hand, so it is easy to wash perfume when washing hands. To make the fragrance last, the best way is to spray it on the neck and behind the ears, which is both hidden and lasting

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