Original Design Cylinder Tote Empty Perfume Bottle 50ml Crimp Neck Glass Perfume Bottle

Short Description:

Item Description.:                            Scerew sprayer perfume bottle

Min Order Quantity:                       1000-10000Piece

Supply Ability:                                  1000000Piece

FOB Price:           US$0.3-9.99/Piece

Lead time:                                         3-35Days

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Design inspiration:

With the development of the times, women’s bags have also become various, including square, round, and polygonal.

Our designers, based on the combination of a cylinder and a bag, created this uniquely shaped perfume glass bottle.

The lid is designed as a handbag, the place where the lid and the bottle are connected is designed with a chain zipper, and the bottle body is made of leather,

which makes the whole bottle more textured.

crimp neck bottles

crimp neck bottles

crimp neck bottles

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