5ml Anti-Volatile Multi-Color Roll-On Bottle

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Steel ball essential oil bottle, a product with high cost performance, which is widely used in medical, beauty and household industries.

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Model NO.:K-35 Body Material: Glass

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Model number  K-35
product type  Essential oil bottle
texture of material  Glass
Colors  customized
Packaging level  Seperate packing packaging
Place of Origin  Jiangsu, China
Brand HongYuan
 product type  Cosmetic bottles
texture of material  Glass
Related accessories  Plastic
Processing and customization  yes
Capacity 5ml
20ft GP container  16,000 pieces
40ft GP container  50.000 pieces

Product Advantages

It's really cheap and one of our company's biggest products, it's very cost-effective, and it's worth noting that it's paired with steel balls instead of glass balls, and is widely used in medical, beauty, home, and other industries .

1. Essential oils are not oils. Something that feels greasy to the touch must not be pure essential oil.
2. Essential oils are insoluble in water, and water cannot dilute essential oils.
3. Essential oils are fat-soluble and can be diluted with base oils (vegetable oils), pure milk, honey, shampoos and shower gels.
4. The molecules of essential oils are very small, so they can travel throughout the body through the skin and through the breath.
5. Essential oils are volatile, close the bottle cap tightly after use, otherwise it will become less.
6. Essential oils are flammable, please keep away from fire.
7. To diffuse the essential oil, pure essential oil is used, and the concentration can be calculated by adding 1 drop of essential oil per 5 square meters.
8. Essential oils for skin care and massage use diluted essential oils.
9. Store essential oils in dark dark glass bottles to extend the shelf life of essential oils.
10. Do not use essential oils in the eyes and ears, and do not take it orally. (Blind, deaf, liver damage).
11. Lavender essential oil, tea tree essential oil and peppermint essential oil can be applied directly on the spot without dilution.
12. The essential oils of patchouli, sandalwood and benzoin will not expire, and the longer they are stored, the milder they become.
13. Lemon, sweet orange, bergamot, grapefruit and citrus, etc. are citrus essential oils. Avoid UV exposure (photosensitivity) after use, otherwise the wheat color will appear.
14. When there are closed acne on the face, use geranium essential oil in the formula to reconcile and massage, the effect is very good.
15. The balancing function of essential oils is a manifestation of plant wisdom.
16. When calculating the concentration of essential oils, it is generally calculated as 1ml=20 drops.
17. The essential oil must be of organic or wild quality.

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